When The Lamp Company was first established (in 1984), the dominant style of lamp was solid color ceramics, but even the most extensive lines still only offered 20 to 25 different colors. We reasoned that if we were to offer to make lamps any color the customer wanted that we would be swamped with orders. Well, not exactly. Still there was sufficient demand that we became very proficient in the processes that allowed us to make this offer, but only just in time for the market to shift away from solid color lamps.
Then came the “Chinese invasion”. The vast majority of lamps sold in the U.S. today are imported from China and are sold at a price well below the cost of manufacturing that lamp domestically. Interestingly enough this seems to have increased the demand for custom lamps. The variety of imports is impressive but sill incomplete and though custom is substantially more expensive than imported we are called upon frequently to fill in the gaps. That capability not withstanding we keep an extensive inventory of portable lighting; especially floor lamps.
Many of the custom lamps we make are made up of items that are either of sentimental value to the client ( a teapot inherited from great aunt Susan) or of some special interest (the helmet of the client’s favorite High School football team etc.). We still do custom color and execute many different designs brought to us by our many creative and innovative customers.

The Lamp Company specializes in floor lamps for two reasons. First, the product is largely ignored by most other portable lighting sources ( floor lamps don’t fit neatly into the typical furniture vignette and take up too much floor space in traditional lighting showrooms for the amount of turnover they offer) and secondly we have taken up a bit of a crusade offering an alternative to floor lamps that are shipped in 24” X 18” box.

To accomplish the challenges of shipping a 60” to 72” tall floor lamp from China the industry has gone to cutting the main shaft of the floor lamp into three or four pieces. As a repair center we are amazed at the number of these lamps we see that have come apart and cannot be repaired not to mention how much product we see that is simply not straight to begin with. Do we sell such lamps?
Some, because you can’t reach the lower price points any other way.  But what about those customers who want a real quality product that they can enjoy for many years to come? For those customers we search the market for those floor lamps with a “full” shaft and when we can’t find it then we make it in house. That is what it means to be a lamp specialty store as compared to just another retailer.


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