In the early years The Lamp Company went to outside vendors exclusively for the lampshades we used for the lamps we were making. In doing so we encountered two problems, turn around time and cost. We were able to make a lamp in half the time it took us to order and receive the lampshade we needed to complete the job, and all too often when it finally arrived it had been damaged in shipping. The delay and the cost of shipping the one or two lampshades we needed, made the cost of the lampshades too high. We began to research how we might become the manufacturer and then one day a customer came to us who needed 700 lampshades and we reasoned that after making 700 lampshades we should know what we were doing . That proved to be true enough, but the real challenge was making the first lampshade. That was 1992. In the years since we have made many thousands of lampshades:
  • We stock 30 different fabrics and we have about 1500 patterns so we can make you any of 45,000 different lampshades on a weeks notice
  • That number doesn’t include all the possibilities if we include using the customer’s own fabric.
  • The lampshades we make are called hardback shades because the fabric is laminated to styrene plastic and then taped to the rings. Another category of lampshade is the softback lampshade. We keep the largest inventory of softback lampshades in Utah. A softback lampshade is made by stretching fabric over a frame.
  • We are also involved in recovering customer’s softback lampshades. This is not a practical option with hardback lampshades (though occasionally repairs can be made). Recovery is only economical for unusual shades or shades that hold some significant sentimental value.
  • When buying a replacement lampshade it is most advisable to bring your lamp with you. In the accompanying picture you see the same lamp with eight different lampshades. Maybe only one of these is the look you want but they all work. You have choices, but without your lamp in hand choosing anything very different is going to be very difficult indeed.


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