New & Custom Lamps

The Lamp Company offers something different than the big-box shopping experience. We are willing to take the time to help you find that perfect lamp, whether it is available from our inventory, is available through our network of distributors, or if we have to create it from scratch. This personalized care is what has kept us in business for over 30 years, and keeps customers coming back:

We may have it

For local customers we offer a selection of lamps for purchase same-day. These range from classic to eclectic floor and table lamps. If you're not located close by, contact us. We may have something perfect and ready to ship directly to your door.

We'll help you find it

Come across the perfect lamp in a magazine article or at a friend's house? Grab a picture and let us help you find it, or something close. We have decades of experience and a diverse network of distributors. Contact us to get started.

We'll help you make it

Have an important family relic that you want to memorialize, or a particular look that you want to achieve and cannot find anywhere else? We can help you turn your ideas into an amazing lamp. Contact us to learn more.

Get Your Major Award

The Leg Lamp

Inspired by the classic, A Christmas Story, is the Lamp Company's own rendition of the Leg Lamp. Order one for someone you love, anytime of the year.

Learn About the Leg Lamp